Selected works

These drawings are made using pencil, ink or gouache on paper, through an instinctual process of repeating lines and shapes. As the drawings grow bigger, the process becomes meditative. The exploratory aspect of this process lets the drawing take on a life of its own, and the obsessive action of drawing small marks builds up to a larger structure. Many of the drawings are centrifugal – created by working outwards from the centre of the paper. More details become apparent as more time is spent looking at the drawings, inviting viewers to imagine the drawing process in reverse.

Engulfed, ink on paper, 2018, 0.9mx0.9m
Engulfed, drawing detail, 2017

Engulfed is one my largest drawings to date, and was created slowly over the course of several months.

Radiate, pencil on paper, 2017
Diverge, Drawing [pencil on paper] 2016
Reverberate, Drawing [pencil on paper] 2016
Explosion, Drawing [pencil on paper] 2016
Fluctuate, Drawing [ink on paper] 2016
In the End, pencil on paper, 2015
In the End - detail
Adrift, Drawing [ink on paper] 2013

Adrift was one of the first large scale drawings I made. I covered the whole sheet of paper by repeating a single leaf-like shape. The shapes create undulating lines that can be seen when viewing the work in person.

Adrift (Detail)
Adrift - process view